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The Kingmaker's Daughter - Philippa Gregory An evocative and intriguing book that I enjoyed much more than the rest of the series, so far.

Anne Neville is the kingmakers daughter, and of course her fathers favorite. She has been trailing behind her mother and sister for almost her entire childhood up to her first marriage. She has done nothing but follow orders all her life. Well, that's how I see her.

Among the three leading ladies in this series so far, Anne's story seems to be my most favorite. I felt her fear, her love, her anger and her sadness. For some reason, her story affected me most among the other leading ladies of the series.

Anne's mother, Anne; they really like reusing their names huh, is a coward. Of course, she was fearful as to what would happen to her now that her husband has been declared a traitor against the current King Edward IV and has also died in battle. I would be too, but I wouldn't leave my daughter alone with the enemy. I would stay by her side, and protect her with my life. I say again. She's a coward and she expects to be forgiven by her daughters?

The love story between Richard (kings brother) and Anne; Thankfully they stopped reusing their names. I'm getting really confused. I honestly fell for the actor who plays Richard in the TV Series. I like their love story, it seems true, but I hear that Richard never really loved Anne, and just married her for her money. It's a mystery.

Now, lets talk about Richard trying to seduce his niece. Let's take a moment to just say that its nasty to freaking seduce your niece... Seriously!! gross... I didn't understand the entire scope of this plan of seducing Elizabeth of York. Some say that Richard fell in love with Elizabeth of York, and some say it was just a lie. I seem to have felt Anne's jealousy towards Elizabeth, but she seems to understand the reason behind the whole plan of seducing the niece so that she won't marry the enemy. She understands it, but I don't!

The ending of the book is what seemed to have a really big affect on me. It was a simple heart warming ending. I felt both sad and happy for Anne.

In conclusion to this slightly long review, I really really enjoyed this book. It is my current favorite of the series so far. I have a feeling I won't enjoy The White Queen as much And again I say, The Kingmakers Daughter is an evocative, intriguing, heart warming novel and I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys medieval dilemma with a pinch of romance. This book will be all I think about for the next couple of days.

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The Lady of the Rivers (The Cousins' War, #3) - Philippa Gregory The third book of The Cousins' War series by Philippa Gregory; The Lady of the Rivers. In this book we get a view of Jacquetta of Luxembourg, the known descendent of the river goddess, Melusina, and her life before her daughter Elizabeth became queen of England.

I expected the book to start out from when Elizabeth and King Edward met, and that we would get a different point of view of the same storyline just like the past 2 books. Here we get to read about Jacquetta from her childhood up to adulthood and also when the War of Roses first started.

Surprisingly, if you think about. This book doesn't really focus on Jacquetta's personal life much. I mean, the story line is set on Jacquetta's life, whereabouts and what she's been through but all that seems to be covering the book is Margaret of Anjou and Jacquetta's loyalty to her. There were times when I would feel tempted to shout out "plaayaaaa" at Margaret of Anjou for having a secret affair with Edmund Beaufort.

All I thought about when I went through the book was "How will Jacquetta turn her coat (as they say) from the House of Lancaster to the House of York?" "How does that happen?". At slightly shocking turn of very simple events, she does turn her coat from Queen Margaret to King Edward. I expected a lot more blood to be shed at this point. But Jacquetta is a very powerful woman, no matters where her loyalties lay, her gifts would always find a way to save her.

I really admire the love of Jacquetta and her husband. They have the love that is so deep that nothing can tear them apart from each other. Even death can't break them. (I just had to put that out there). Her husband would leave to go to war, and then come back safely. He sure is lucky.

In conclusion, the Lady of the Rivers is a good book. It is fascinating, intriguing and slightly confusing book (just when it comes to the all the names). If you've read the first two books of the series, reading this book will fill out a bit of holes that needed to be filled out about Jacquetta and the early ages of the War of Roses.
I recommend this lovely book to those who enjoy reading a small part of the history of England, and to those who enjoy reading about the medieval times. Because I recently found out that I do xD

PS: This book was longer than the rest. O.O
Bridget Jones's Diary  - Helen Fielding I'm going to get straight on to this and be completely straight forward with this review.

I bought this book thinking I would really enjoy it, but that was back when I was really into mild romantic comedy. I watched the movie, and it's still in my top 20 favorite movies.

The book started off with a list of Bridget's new years resolutions. The first chapter (or the January chapter) didn't really suck me in, but I kept going, determined to get this book off my to-read shelf.

Actually, Bridget reminds me of someone I know. Struggles with weight, doesn't know what she wants, smokes but tries to stop and fails in the end, struggles to be in a happy relationship with a man.

As I got to the middle, there were some funny bits, but I honestly got bored and wanted to get it all over with. I ended up skimming through the last chapter.

I would probably read the second book in time, but not anytime soon.

I recommend this lovely book to those who enjoy mild romantic comedy.
The Last Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle A book I would definitely read to my kids!
The Red Queen (The Cousins' War, #2) - Philippa Gregory The Red Queen is the second book of the Cousins' War series by Philippa Gregory.

The book tells a story of Margaret Beaufort, and how her life passes from her childhood on through her 30s. The book is told through her perspective, so expect to read through jealous, selfish, annoying whining of Margaret Beaufort.

I listened to the audiobook while reading the book and as much as I enjoyed The White Queen, I some how knew I would despise this one, knowing that it was about Margaret Beaufort.

I felt sorry for Margaret with what she went through during her childhood years, being alone and unloved by others, and the only one she could turned to is to God. I didn't really think that Margaret would turn out to be one of the most conniving woman I'll ever know in literature.

I get it that she thinks it's her destiny and the will of God for HER to put her son on the throne of England; being the rightful heir of Lancaster, and I also get it that she's true and committed to God, but doesn't God encourage us to be grateful, to think good of others, and to forgive, despite what they've done? Margaret somehow fails to see and/or believe that. She wishes death to most of those in the way of her son becoming King.

There where multiple time when I would just scream and shout aloud saying "WOMAN!! WHY?! Nooooo!?!", and get the urge to hit her with a shovel.

I know she's been through hell, but honestly...She's a scheming jealous narcissistic little bitch!

The way the scenes in the book was portrayed was great. I liked that it didn't start from when Elizabeth became queen, and that we got to read what Margaret's childhood was like and how she grew into the woman she was.

One thing about Margaret Beaufort what I admire, is how she pushed herself up from how where near the Court up to standing next to the King and Queen as the Queens lady in waiting, and how good she act and make people believe that she's loyal to the Yorks'.

If you've read The White Queen, and assume that both the actual Red and White Queens are similar, you are wrong. I'd much prefer the White Queen thank you very much!

I recommend this hot headed book to those who love reading about the 15th century, about Kings, Queens, Knights, etc., and about scheming and jealous women who command their men from the shadows.

I'm giving this book 2.5 starts...for brutally killing off one of my favorite characters! T^T

The White Queen - Philippa Gregory The White Queen by Philippa Gregory tells a story about a commoner; Elizabeth Woodville, who falls in love with the King of England; Edward IV, they marry and she becomes Queen. This is also during the time of the Cousins' War, where cousins' fight over the throne of England.

I started watching the TV Series that was based on this book, and I loved it. I made others watch it, but unfortunately they don't love it as much as I do... :(

Being the impatient person that I am, I wanted to know what would happen next and what would happen in the ending of the series, so I decided to read/listen to the books.

The TV series did a great job sticking to the books, I am pleased about that. But as for the rest of the episodes that haven't been released yet, we still have yet to see if they really did stick to the books or not.

The book is from Elizabeths; the Queen herself, point of view, so everything is told through her eyes, her emotions, her thoughts. Her husband King Edward IV, has his own POV in the book, but for only a few paragraphs.

Now what makes this book so engrossing to me is how things happen so fast. What seemed like multiple wars would be won by the King and multiple babies would be born in the entire span of 20 years.

I listened to the audio version; the narrator did a great job by the way, for the majority of the book, that may be the reason behind it being fast paced.

The book ended with such a really big "OH MY GOSH!" and a really hard face palm.


The book made me worry and fear for the life of Elizabeths family and her royal children. It made me gasp and say "No!" making people around me think I'm going crazy and it made me smile sweetly. It has somewhat of romance and a lot more of suspense.

I will definitely read the entire Cousins' War series, and I recommend it to everyone who loves reading historical fiction. This is the book for you!
The Sea of Monsters - Rick Riordan Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters, is the second book of the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.

After I watched the movie trailer, I said to myself "Now I definitely have to read the book before the movie comes out" I was in no hurry, but there would always be a thought on the back of my head telling me to start reading The Sea of Monsters. It was weird...

I surprisingly finished the book pretty quick. Probably because I listened to the audio version. The narrator did a good job with all the characters voices, it was pretty funny that way he voiced some of the characters. xD

I enjoyed the first book, and knew that I would enjoy the second book as much. And I was right.

The Sea of Monsters is a great book for all ages from 8 and above. It's a great fantasy adventure book that is page turning. It has an adventure in every chapter that keeps the reader going. Unlike some books that I've read that would only get interesting in the middle or towards the ending of the book.

The book again ends with a cliff hanger which literally made my jaw drop. (Just to put it out there; my jaw dropped twice during the reading of this book).

One more thing: I cannot seem to get over that Percy is like 12 - 13.

Adventurous, page turner, humorous, and jaw dropping (towards the ending
The Help - Kathryn Stockett The Help by Kathryn Stockett is a book that shows you the maids side of the story back in the 1960's. It was a time of the KKK and discrimination of other races, it was also the time of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. But this book mainly focuses on two black maids and one white rich girl who becomes an outcast in her town because of what she wrote. Aibileen, Minny and Skeeter

I bought this book last year because I watched the movie and thought it was interesting enough to buy the book and read it. When I started this book, I didn't think I would enjoy it so much. I thought it would be one of those boring books with meaning that would take me a whole month to finish, but nooooooo... this book was unputdownable.

I listened to the audiobook of this, and the narrators did a marvelous job, they all did. I was speaking in a southern accent the entire time I was listening to it.

I don't know if I've read any other books that made my heart melt just like this one did. It really touched my heart how people in this book can be so kind and patient with others.

I highly recommend this book to be read by everyone. At least once in their life time. This book is up there with the must reads before you die list, because this book gives out a meaning that is unexplainable.
It's an amazing book that is a must-read!
I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella I've always loved Sophie Kinsella's books. It was because of her that I got so into reading chick-lit.

I've got your number was release a year after Mini Shopaholic, and when I saw the book trailer for this I got so excited that I just had to get it! Unfortunately, I got it a few months after it was released from bookdepository.com because I was too lazy to buy it from the bookstore; impractical, I know.

Anyways...back to the review.

I've got your number was an easy pace book, just like other Kinsella books. It had been so long since I've read any of her books and it made me feel nostalgic of my high school and university days of when I used to read a lot of Kinsella books.

I started off with the audiobook, then continued on with reading it, until I got to the middle. Honestly, I got bored. So I would just read a couple of pages a day, and be done with it, there were even times when I got fed up, because I wanted something reckless and exciting to happen. Since I wanted to finish the book quickly and be done with it. I continued on with the audiobook.

As I got close to the ending, things started to get exciting and intense. I practically jumped up and down and squealed while I doing my errands and listening to the book at the same time.

I finished the book with a big smile on my face and a deep sigh. And it gave hope on how my non-existant love turn out.

I've got your number is another great novel by Sophie Kinsella, that is funny, an easy read, and if you've loved her Shopaholic Series and other chick-lit novels, you'll love this one.

Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert I actually finished the book a week ago. I wanted to reread a few pages of the book before I did, plus I was sort of lazy to write the review. xD


Eat, Pray, Love tells a story of how the writer herself; Elizabeth Gilbert, journeys to three different countries in search of herself and God.

I listened to the audiobook which was read by the author; Elizabeth Gilbert, and I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook, Elizabeth/Liz, just made it a whole lot better in my opinion. When I listened to the first chapter, I said that I wouldn't read the book but just listen to the audiobook. But hell was I wrong about that.

I got so into the book that I started taking Liz's advice on meditation and learned a few more words in italian. And buying the book was on the top of my shopping list.

The book was written in such a way that shoots out flashbacks during her time around the world. So it kind of confused me a little bit. But everything seemed to put itself together in the end.

Throughout the entire book, I kept thinking of myself in her place, and wondering whether I would have the guts to do all the things she did and be who she is now. This book changed me in a way. It made me a lot more spiritual than I already am. She actually taught me a whole bunch of things about life. Being only 19, I take all she's written a lesson that will surely help and guide me through my future.

This book actually made me realize how us women actually evolve our life into being obsessed with men; well most of us do. We like someone, then we fall in love with them, then we breakup, then we try to get over them, and when we think we're over them, we're actually not, then 6 months later of not seeing the guy, you're still not over him. We're all stupid.

This book got me motivated to go and find what I want in life and get it. It got me so motivated that I started meditating every night before bed to clear my mind of all the negativity and anxiety that I've been getting.

When I went to buy this book at the bookstore, I couldn't find it. When I used to go to the bookstore I would always see it being displayed on the rack or somewhere that people can easily see it. I literally had to go around the bookstore a few times to find it. I was stupid enough to think this book would be in the fiction section. Eventually I found it between two large books, and it was the last one there as well.

This is a book that I would definitely reread over and over. It actually brightened my life a little bit more.
Oh and I purposely took my time with this book. I wanted to understand and let everything Liz was trying to mean sink in.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy reading autobiographies, self help, and get inspired by what people do with their lives. If you're lost, if you don't know what to do with your life, pick up this book and give it ago.
The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger The Catcher in the Rye is listed as one of the book that one must read before they die, so I decided to give it a go.

Holden Caulfield is around 16 or 17 years old. He leave school and sets out to New York for a few days before he goes home. He's on his own, he's loaded, and he has a craving for something new; at least that what I think of it.

Holden is very adventurous, and seems like he's just winging everything, and is impulsively doing whatever it is he wants. He goes around New York, calling up people to go out with him in the middle of the night. I'm surprised they actually accept his invitations. It seemed like he hasn't slept in days. I'm also pretty surprised that he has the guts to do all that he did what he was roaming NY.

I don't really know that exactly the plot of the story is. All I can say is that it's a weird book. A kid who goes around New York, who spends all his cash, and then what? I think I know what teachers ask their students to do a report on this book. It actually makes you think.

The book is weird, good, and it's a classic. It being weird and slightly pointless makes it on the list of books one must read before they die.

The Catcher in the Rye, written by J.D Salinger. A must read, just for the hell of it.
Too Hot To Touch - Louisa Edwards I'm finally done with this book! I don't know why but it felt like I took forever getting through this book.

Too Hot To Touch.. How can you not pick up this book? It has a shirtless guy on the cover and the title is already as tense as it can get!

This isn't a love story, it is a sudden romance of rekindled high school crushes, with a cooking competition right new to it. Juliet Cavanaugh ran away from home (I wonder why her mother was never really worried that she left home for 6 years) and what luck, she is taken in by her best friends family; the Lundens. The Lundens eldest son, Max Lunden left around the same time Juliet/Jules left home. He left to explore and learn different culinary techniques of the world. The Lundens own their own very successful restaurant, but as years past, business has been going a little bit down. The Rising Star Chef competition seems to be their last resort into becoming a successful restaurant again. Max is called home by his mother to join the competition with the rest of the team, and guess who's in the team? That's right, Jules Cavanaugh. Tense fire goes back and forth between Jules and Max for the first few days of his return, which will obviously end up into becoming something more. This book tells a story of how the team gets through the competition and the drama that's behind it all.

I was very excited to read this book, I bought the first book off book depository since they didn't have it in bookstores where I'm from. So I picked it up, read the first chapter, and thought, "hmm...maybe it'll get better, most books do". As I kept reading further, it got a little exciting but not over the top exciting. It was okay. As I move further, I began to get bored. I really wasn't feeling the spice of this book. As much as I love cooking and as much as I love reading a romance that involves cooking, I expected the book to be a lot better.

The writing was alright, I noticed a few unnecessary details, but then got used to them as I went through the book, In a few chapters, there are peaks into the judges of the competitions life, and they relationship. I am not sure if I enjoyed this interval or not. I practically skimmed through the last few chapters of the book.

The book cover and synopsis really drags your into the buying the book. Shirtless guy cooking plus the tense synopsis, it makes you go "oooooo... what's going to happen?"

Overall, I think this book is a one-time-read kind of book, just like how some movies are one-time-watch only movies. It was an okay book. I don't think I'll be reading the rest of the series, I don't know, maybe I will in the future. But right now, no.
The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon and finds out he's a demi-god or a half blood when his teacher Mrs Dodds tries to kill him in a museum. Percy is accused of stealing Zeus's lightning bolt, so he makes his way to Camp Half Blood because that is the only place that could keep him and the other half bloods safe from the monsters out in the real world. Percy and his newly found friends are assigned a quest to find the lightning thief and bring back the bolt to Olympus before the Summer Solstice or else World War III will happen.

I was really excited to start this book. It's a book about the mythological Gods and Goddesses, and I love books about mythology.

I watched the movie years back before I read that book, so I was curious to know whether the movie and books would be a lot more similar. I was very disappointed at the movie when I was half way through the book. I mean the way the book was written was in plain simple english that anyone could understand, and I don't really see why they should change the internal plot of the movie. I was definitely shocked that Percy was supposed to be 12. Movies always suck...

I really enjoyed this book, it was an easy read/listen (I listened to the audiobook). I enjoyed the story line. It was funny, adventurous, but not that boring all adventure stuff, it had a twist of modern humor and excitement going on. It was very simple and fresh for me.

I am looking forward to reading the entire series soon!

I recommend this book to those who enjoyed reading The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter and to those who want a little bit of simple adventure into their reading lives.
Beautiful Redemption - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia Click on the link to read a review on the entire series! ^^,
The Beautiful Creatures Complete Collection (Beautiful Creatures Series  #1-4) - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl The Castor Chronicles series revolves around the protagonist Ethan Wate and how his life transforms from wanting to get out of the town of Gatlin, to wanting nothing else but to stay in because of a girl he's been having dreams about before he actually met her; Lena Duchannes.

The Ravenwood plantation is known to be scary, dark, and a piece of the devil to the people of Gatlin, but when the niece of Old man Ravenwood moves in with him, and attends high school, everything starts to change. Lena becomes the odd one out and the only thing she wants is to be normal, before she gets claimed either into the light or dark.

The series basically revolves around Ethan and Lena, and how things at Gatlin changes because of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th moons. It started with Lena's 16th moon, when she get claimed by either the light or dark.

I listened to the audiobooks while reading the books (just because I space out sometimes during the book, I'm sure you all have those moments! xD). I started after I watched the movie. I enjoyed the movie but then came to despise it once I finished the second book, because that was when everything basically clicked in my head.

The series started out pretty good. I enjoyed Beautiful Creatures, it was pretty cool, a bit engrossing, since I was working while listening to the book. All the main characters were properly introduced, plus the way of Kevin T. Collins portrays all of the accents of those characters was just fantastic! He made it twice as good!

When I started Beautiful Darkness, that is where is all starts. It made the first book feel like a prologue. There were multiple new characters that were introduced, and again, Kevin T. Collins did a fabulous job with the voices, and audibles sound affects made the books twice as exciting. The only thing I didn't like was Lena and her rebellious-stupidity. I don't understand how easily she can get brainwashed. I was extremely annoyed at her in this book. I was just happy that it was all in Lena's perspective.

Beautiful Chaos felt kind of like a drag for me to listen to after the 2nd book... I was tired of Ethan and Lena's story. I was tired of castors and incubus's, but I didn't stop, I wanted to finish it. Things got a lot more deeper after the second book, everything basically went to hell in Gatlin, and made everyone in town think it was the end of the world. My face was grimm the entire time I was listening/reading it. Of course, as it is every books tradition, the book ended with a blast, or basically a shocker, or makes your jaw drop.

I really really really enjoyed Beautiful Redemption. I have no idea why but it was so exciting that it got my heart racing by what felt like the middle of the book. Here you get to read the book in both Lena and Ethan's perspective, just like the first book but that was only briefly. Lena has a few chapters for herself, and you get to see more of Lena's actual perspective on things and how she really feels towards Ethan. The entire book, my emotions changes from happy, excited, sad, shocked, and many others. Multiple emotions swarmed through me in this book. I was quite sad and happy at the same time to see it end.

The Castor Chronicles ended with a happy ending but with accepted losses that made my heart melt.

It is a great series. It is up there with Vampire Academy, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. It is definitely one of my top 10 favorite book series of all time.

I recommend this series to Young Adults, who enjoy reading about paranormal fantasy romance with a splash of comedy. Those who enjoyed reading the Twilight , the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and other paranormal books, this is a series you should definitely try out.
It is a little bit cliché, with a pinch of originality, it is exciting, engrossing, and unputdownable in some moments.
Beautiful Chaos  - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl Click on the link to read a review on the entire series! ^^,