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Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert I actually finished the book a week ago. I wanted to reread a few pages of the book before I did, plus I was sort of lazy to write the review. xD


Eat, Pray, Love tells a story of how the writer herself; Elizabeth Gilbert, journeys to three different countries in search of herself and God.

I listened to the audiobook which was read by the author; Elizabeth Gilbert, and I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook, Elizabeth/Liz, just made it a whole lot better in my opinion. When I listened to the first chapter, I said that I wouldn't read the book but just listen to the audiobook. But hell was I wrong about that.

I got so into the book that I started taking Liz's advice on meditation and learned a few more words in italian. And buying the book was on the top of my shopping list.

The book was written in such a way that shoots out flashbacks during her time around the world. So it kind of confused me a little bit. But everything seemed to put itself together in the end.

Throughout the entire book, I kept thinking of myself in her place, and wondering whether I would have the guts to do all the things she did and be who she is now. This book changed me in a way. It made me a lot more spiritual than I already am. She actually taught me a whole bunch of things about life. Being only 19, I take all she's written a lesson that will surely help and guide me through my future.

This book actually made me realize how us women actually evolve our life into being obsessed with men; well most of us do. We like someone, then we fall in love with them, then we breakup, then we try to get over them, and when we think we're over them, we're actually not, then 6 months later of not seeing the guy, you're still not over him. We're all stupid.

This book got me motivated to go and find what I want in life and get it. It got me so motivated that I started meditating every night before bed to clear my mind of all the negativity and anxiety that I've been getting.

When I went to buy this book at the bookstore, I couldn't find it. When I used to go to the bookstore I would always see it being displayed on the rack or somewhere that people can easily see it. I literally had to go around the bookstore a few times to find it. I was stupid enough to think this book would be in the fiction section. Eventually I found it between two large books, and it was the last one there as well.

This is a book that I would definitely reread over and over. It actually brightened my life a little bit more.
Oh and I purposely took my time with this book. I wanted to understand and let everything Liz was trying to mean sink in.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy reading autobiographies, self help, and get inspired by what people do with their lives. If you're lost, if you don't know what to do with your life, pick up this book and give it ago.