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The Red Queen (The Cousins' War, #2) - Philippa Gregory The Red Queen is the second book of the Cousins' War series by Philippa Gregory.

The book tells a story of Margaret Beaufort, and how her life passes from her childhood on through her 30s. The book is told through her perspective, so expect to read through jealous, selfish, annoying whining of Margaret Beaufort.

I listened to the audiobook while reading the book and as much as I enjoyed The White Queen, I some how knew I would despise this one, knowing that it was about Margaret Beaufort.

I felt sorry for Margaret with what she went through during her childhood years, being alone and unloved by others, and the only one she could turned to is to God. I didn't really think that Margaret would turn out to be one of the most conniving woman I'll ever know in literature.

I get it that she thinks it's her destiny and the will of God for HER to put her son on the throne of England; being the rightful heir of Lancaster, and I also get it that she's true and committed to God, but doesn't God encourage us to be grateful, to think good of others, and to forgive, despite what they've done? Margaret somehow fails to see and/or believe that. She wishes death to most of those in the way of her son becoming King.

There where multiple time when I would just scream and shout aloud saying "WOMAN!! WHY?! Nooooo!?!", and get the urge to hit her with a shovel.

I know she's been through hell, but honestly...She's a scheming jealous narcissistic little bitch!

The way the scenes in the book was portrayed was great. I liked that it didn't start from when Elizabeth became queen, and that we got to read what Margaret's childhood was like and how she grew into the woman she was.

One thing about Margaret Beaufort what I admire, is how she pushed herself up from how where near the Court up to standing next to the King and Queen as the Queens lady in waiting, and how good she act and make people believe that she's loyal to the Yorks'.

If you've read The White Queen, and assume that both the actual Red and White Queens are similar, you are wrong. I'd much prefer the White Queen thank you very much!

I recommend this hot headed book to those who love reading about the 15th century, about Kings, Queens, Knights, etc., and about scheming and jealous women who command their men from the shadows.

I'm giving this book 2.5 starts...for brutally killing off one of my favorite characters! T^T