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Bridget Jones's Diary  - Helen Fielding I'm going to get straight on to this and be completely straight forward with this review.

I bought this book thinking I would really enjoy it, but that was back when I was really into mild romantic comedy. I watched the movie, and it's still in my top 20 favorite movies.

The book started off with a list of Bridget's new years resolutions. The first chapter (or the January chapter) didn't really suck me in, but I kept going, determined to get this book off my to-read shelf.

Actually, Bridget reminds me of someone I know. Struggles with weight, doesn't know what she wants, smokes but tries to stop and fails in the end, struggles to be in a happy relationship with a man.

As I got to the middle, there were some funny bits, but I honestly got bored and wanted to get it all over with. I ended up skimming through the last chapter.

I would probably read the second book in time, but not anytime soon.

I recommend this lovely book to those who enjoy mild romantic comedy.