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The Duke and I - Julia Quinn

It took me a surprisingly long time to finish this book. I thought, since it was a historical romance, I'd finish it faster.

The Duke and I is a witty, heart clenching, laugh out loud kind of book. There were many instances where I'd be literally bursting out with laughter. But ironically, I didn't feel the book like I do with other historical romances until I got within spitting distance to the ending. Don't get me wrong, it's a really good book, it was really interesting, and a definite page turner, but I couldn't grasp the world of the Bridgertons' tight enough to become apart of it.

Fortunately, as I got towards the ending, I couldn't put it down. Cocooned in my blanket, reading into the night and getting drawn into the world of the Bridgertons' was utterly relaxing. I'll be picking up the next book of the series soon.

I recommend this to all those who enjoy the pleasure of historical romance. Every historical romance addict should get a glimpse of Julia Quinns writing, because she is said to be one of the best historical romance writers out there

Source: http://interestedinall.blogspot.com/2014/02/review-duke-i-by-julia-quinn.html