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Oh the forbidden love...kind of.

Losing It  - Cora Carmack

I was extremely excited to start this book. I saw it on goodreads, read the synopsis and hastily went to bookdepository to buy it!


The book started off okay, it was straight to the point. Bliss wanted to lose her v-card and the best way she could do it was to have a one night stand. In the end she gets too nervous and leaves the guy naked on her bed as she ran away. The next day she sees the same guy she left the night before standing in front of her class and introduced himself as her new professor. Dan dan daaaaaan.


First of all, the cover. I just want to point out that being in the middle east, I can't just go around carrying a book with a book cover like that without a book jacket. So it barely left my room. I can't stop starring at Garrick on the cover. It is perfect ;) (okay mixed feelings there)


I was glued to this book for daaaays. It was a very sweet and slightly angsty, just a bit, but the humor covers up most of the angst. Again, I just have to say that I love how it's all straight to the point, which makes it a perfect short and enjoyable read.


This book really reminds me of a dirtier version of those boy-next-door contemporary YA books.


I recommend this book to those who are all into those forbidden love scenarios. This could be a choice for you. 


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