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The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead DAMN! (I'm not even sure I'm allowed to swear in reviews) But damn! I cannot believe I took that long to finish this book! My assumptions are that I must have changed my genre or the book wasn't really as good as I thought. I'll go with the genre change.

Let's get on with the review shall we...
Golden Lily, the second book of the Bloodlines series. I enjoyed the first book as much as I enjoyed other books by Richelle Mead; she is one of my favorite authors. The gap between the first and second book releases was kind of a big gap. I wanted to reread or skim through Bloodlines (the first book) before I start reading Golden Lily, but then I thought, it was fine, I'm sure I'll remember what happened. But I didn't. I had to google some of the things that happened in the past book AND also in the Vampire Academy series (since Bloodline is a spin of the Vampire Academy series). I was confused in the first few chapters for a while, but things started to clear up.

The tension between Adrian and Sage is honestly what kept me going. I so want them to get together, but it is of course a forbidden love (that never stopped Rose and Dimitri).

The entire plot of Golden Lily was okay. It was interesting and engrossing but it doesn't give me the same exciting feeling that books like this used to. Honestly, I have mixed feelings towards it.

There were new characters that was introduced, new groups and love triangles everywhere! Well just one. And there is a mystery man that I am very curious about, which I'm sure, he'll be featured in the next book.

The last few pages was just... I can't explain it. It was just... argh ! (in a good way)

I am excited for the third book of the Bloodlines series and I hope it will be as good as the first two books combined.