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Goodnight, Brian - Steven Manchester When Brian was born, his mother fed him food that was meant to nourish him, but instead it poisoned him. The doctors said that because of the formula fed to him that he will be unable to walk, talk or be a vegetable his entire life. But Brian's grandmother; Mama, never lost faith in her grand baby. It was because of her faith and love for Brian, that things turned out great for the entire family. Brian was able to walk and talk, showing the doctors that they were wrong.

As I read through the beginning, my heart just broke. Hearing the news that Brian would have no hope in the world. But as I got to the middle of the book, it was very very heart warming. How everyone adjusted to the whole situation, how the entire family had faith that Brian would do what every normal person does. It really teaches you that anything can be possible as long as you have faith.

Brian's life would be completely different without the faith and love of his grandmother; Mama.

This book is a well-written, emotional, heartbreaking, lesson learning book that teaches the readers that anything can be possible if they have faith and believe. It provides the encouragement that one needs to improve themselves into becoming better people.

I recommend this to those who enjoy reading about heart breaking but absorbing contemporary fiction.