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Return to Paradise - Simone Elkeles Return to Paradise, the sequel to Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles, is about teenage drama, family drama, the typical love that a man and woman fight for.

I started this book right after I finished writing the review for the first book (Leaving Paradise). I wanted to know what would happen next because I hate cliff hangers so much.

The book started off with the reckless Caleb and what his life has been since he left Paradise. I was okay with Caleb in the first book, he was like a lost confused puppy who doesn't know what he wants and doesn't know how to deal with his life after he got released.
In this sequel, I have to say that I'm very proud of Caleb and how he's grown from a coward who runs away (literally runs away) instead of facing his problems head on into a mature independent man that would do anything for his girl.

Maggie, I also have to say that I'm super duper proud of Maggie and how much confidence she grew. She's no longer the Maggie that was scared and hated how she looked because of her disability. She's stronger, proud and way more confident in herself.

I enjoyed this book much more than the first. It made me giggle from the very beginning and that one person who made me burst out giggling (either than Mrs Reynolds, RIP) was Lenny. I found him gross at first, but I've grown to like him. He's so random and laid back. I love characters like him and Mrs Reynolds, they can always brighten up a book like this one.

I am so happy that Elkeles wrote a sequel to Leaving Paradise.

This is a mild YA novel, it's a great book for when you just want to read something small that's out of your genre. It is filled with young adult drama, runaways, and lets not forget the thriving hormones (don't worry it's clean). It is also funny and heartwarming!