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E-learning 101: It's not as tough as it looks

E-learning 101: It's not as tough as it looks - Liz  Hardy E-learning 101 is a self help book that will allow you to understand how e-learning works.

I've read multiple self-help book throughout the years and I found them all very helpful. Most of them had a great impact in my life. And I found this one; E-learning 101, another helpful self-help book because it was an easy read, and it is a book that tells you straight up, "It's okay to do e-learning" and "there is nothing to be afraid of!" but it's not only with e-learning, it's with the internet in general. With meeting new people online and meeting up with them in person.

E-learning 101 speaks about how it will be like when you do e-learning yourself. It explains how your life could be like, and it shows you ways in fitting e-learning into your daily schedule. It tells you how to deal with deadlines and procrastination.

The dogs make a great addition to the book. It signifies what the author is trying to portray, it's something that makes you smile while you're in the serious zone.

All in all, E-learning 101 is a very informative book, suitable for adults and young adults who have an interest in doing e-learning in the future. It's an easy read, and very straight forward. Plus the dogs make it fun to read!