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Shifted Perspective (Tails of Change, #1)

Shifted Perspective (Tails of Change, #1) - J. Bridger Shifters Perspective is what the title says. It is a story of a newly late shifted shifter who shifts into a cute little curry Cocker Spaniel. Caleb is 18 and is considered a runt to his shifters family because he shifted late. It is a fictional book that basically speaks about Were-dogs and how Caleb deals with his new life as a shifter.

When I first saw read the synopsis of this book, I didn't know what to expect. It was different and to be honest I kind of giggled when read it, because I didn't really know what to think about a were-dog or shifters.

I personally found Shifters Perspective to be an average book about a boy who discovers that he is more than a normal human. I didn't get overly excited nor overly disappointed. It was an easy read plut it being interesting made it much more of an easy read.

Shifters Perspective is an easy read that will keep you curious of what's going to happen next. I recommend this to those YA readers out there and to those who love reading about crime and mysteries.