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Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas

The Devil in Winter is the third book of the Wallflower series by Lisa Kleypas. The book started off with a continuation of an event that happened in the second book; It Happened One Autumn.

Let me just say that I've had my suspicious of St. Vincent from the very beginning he was introduced in IHOA. He has the reputation of ruining the good names of women who happen to fall into his lustful and sexy traps. And what a perfect woman for St. Vincent to challenge his womanizing nature than to use Evangeline Jenner as a subject. Evie, is the shy, quiet, and insecure one among the wallflowers. I wondered how on earth would she be able to find a husband without a boost of self-confidence, and Evie certainly surprised me with how she has bloomed from a shy flower bud into a beautiful glowing and confident flower.

I love this book to death. I would read it before bed and there were multiple times when I would fall asleep reading and end up hugging the book tight so that it wouldn't fall off my bed. It has become my favorite from the series so far, right above Secrets of a Summer Night.

This book was exciting, heart warming, comical and humorous, and is purely beautiful. Both characters were perfect, and watching them grow and change is always so enchanting. This book isn't the regular historical romance where a woman and man despise each other and then later on fall it love. I think this is something different. It has a bit of mystery and action on to it, but it doesn't over flow the emotional-romance side of it. It all fits perfectly into a 300 page book of perfection.

Highly recommended to those who enjoy a fascinating story of how a womanizer tries to seduce an insecure wallflower who wants nothing but freedom from him. It is also a much better read for the winter time.

Source: http://interestedinall.blogspot.com/2013/12/books-wallflower-3-devil-in-winter-by.html