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Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren

Where do I start?


This is kind of my first new adult romance, besides 50 shades; if that counts. 


Its all about the attraction between Chloe Mills and her boss, Bennett Ryan. They're attraction grows stronger by the minute, but alas they despise each other, but that's what makes it hotter and they can't seem to keep their hands off the other. 


I loved how this book has two POV's; Chloe's and Bennett's. I always enjoy reading a mans point of view when it comes to books like these. I got instantly absorbed into this book from the first page up to chapter 8 or 9. Then I just got bored and uninterested. At first it felt enthralling, then as I moved on, it got predictable. 


I started off with the audiobook but couldn't continue on because it was too detailed when it came to the hot stuff. My ears literally started to bleed. I just can't listen to sex scenes. Both my sisters read this before I did, and they both agreed that it'll make your eyes bleed if you do give this one a go. 


I got bored yes, it got predictable yes, but I didn't say that I didn't enjoy it. I did. This one is definitely in my top 10 Best Romance novels. It's a great book, if you read it straight and not stop halfway through, to keep all the emotions and feeling that's been built up from page one intact. 


Beautiful Bastard is an intriguing and riveting new adult novel, it's sometimes complicated and all the way hot. I recommend this to those who have a boring office job and are looking for something interesting, also if you're into erotic romance with a slight splash of humor and a blunt, bossy and dick headed protagonists this is perfect for you! 


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