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Tempest Rising - Tracy Deebs

Tempest Rising revolves around a teenager, Tempest, who would have the ability to transform into a mermaid when she turns 17. Ever since her mother; who is also a mermaid, left her beloved family to return to ocean, Tempest has hated and dreaded the idea of becoming a mermaid, until she feels a powerful temptation to go into the water and welcome the life under the sea.


Tempest Rising is a great young adult novel, and it's been a while, or at least it felt like a while, since I've read an actual paranormal YA novel. And I have to admit there were times when I would go "Oh come on! You're only 17!"


I was super excited to read this book. I always love reading about mermaids, the sea and the ocean. I literally picked up the book and jumped around for a couple of seconds, squealing. I'm so weird.


I started it off really well, I couldn't put it down for days. Until I reached the middle of the book. I am unsure whether it was because I got busy with reality that it ruined my comfortable ideal reading hours that made reading the book feel like a drag, or whether it was the book itself. I'll go with the busy statement. xD


One of the things that drew me into the book was the writing; it was funny as well as very creative, and of course Kona. That's apparently hot and sexy mysterious man with long hair...hmm..


Though the action-packed scene in the book didn't seem very action-y. I didn't feel the excitement that these scenes were supposed to give you when you read them. But it was all still very entertaining to read and enjoy.


All in all, Tempest Rising is a great book! There were tragic deaths, happy times and mixed-feeling endings. These are all you need to enjoy a great book! 

If you enjoy the words of the waves and the land under that sea along with a splash of teenage romance, this is the book for you! 

I can't wait to get the rest of the series! 

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