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The Golden Compass  - Philip Pullman

In a world where each person has their very own dæmon, and where there are witches, armored bears and a great amusement for "dust". The book revolves around it's protagonist; an 11 year old girl, Lyra. She sets out to find her friend Roger who has mysteriously gone missing. In the process, she meets new people and discovers that children everywhere are getting taken away from their families to be used for experiments. Lyra sets out to find out more about these "experiments" and tries to find a way to stop them. 


Now that I read the summary for the first time, I don't think I would've read this book if it wasn't for the movie and how awesome it looked. The idea of having your very own dæmon that is connected to your and will always be by your side is what drew me into this series. 


I really enjoyed this book from the very beginning, until I started to get a little uninterested. I wasn't bored, it was very exciting, but it just suddenly felt uninteresting to me, until the pace went back up again and my interest grew back up towards the ending of the book. 


The characters were alright, but favorite was Serafina Pekkala and most of the witches. My least favorite after Ms Coulter was Lord Asreal. I honestly didn't expect him to act that way towards his own daughter. Okay I won't say more.


The story line was fantastic, it was a whole new world that I think everyone should experience with an open mind. I recommend this trilogy to those who enjoy reading about different worlds that is filled with loads of action. I'm looking forward to starting the next book. 


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