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Timeless - Alexandra Monir This is one of the books that I finish in 2 days, because it's that good. And for me, finishing a book in 2 days is a big deal.

In the beginning It felt like a normal teenage girl's life. But as I kept on reading, I was amazed, stunned, and was so freaking curious on whats going to happen next...

I love Philip. I love Michele and Philips love for each other, it's so strong.

Alexandra Monir did an extremely well job in the descriptions of the 1910, 1920's and 1940s.

I like how this book go me thinking of loopholes in time traveling. Lol

The ending made me go "shdifneoxiskkwflalanskf" I need the next book!!

This is my first time reading about Time travelers, and I have to say it is in my top 5 favorite books along with Vampire Academy and Sophie Kinsella books.
I really really really enjoyed this book.

If you are looking for a new, different type of love story fictional book to read, this is the book you should get. I fully recommend it!

5 amazing stars. <3 <br/>