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Sojourner - Maria Rachel Hooley SLIGHT SPOILER! ~
In the beginning, I don't know why, but it kind of reminded me of twilight.

Elizabeth is a good character but sometimes I think that she over reacts a bit, and doesn't really think of the obvious answer. The story line is good, and how Lev came into the book was great. She dreams about him then see's him in school.
I personally think that the love between Lizzie and Lev went by too fast.
Griffin is a funny fellow, I always knew he was good guy. I suspected the Janitor to be the bad guy but in the end it was the teacher.
Who knew that what Lev mean by "when i save you, I'll be gone" or something like that, was that he was going to die....I then said to myself "Angels don't die!"

The cover of the book isn't my favorite. At first glance, I personally didn't feel like reading it at all until I read the synopsis. The cover should be Levs' bare chest and his wings with Lizzie or something.

I personally recommend this book for those who are into deep tragic love stories. Because i enjoyed it very much! <3 <br/>