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Six Geese A-Laying - Sophie Kinsella I haven't read any Sophie Kinsella books in a while, I've been saving it for next year. This ebook wasn't what I expected. I expected a man and a woman, falling in love, has romantic night on Christmas eve, typical Christmas Romance, etc. But it wasn't

It was about 6 ladies, 6 pregnant ladies, going to a pregnancy class, and someone or some spirit comes and shows them their future. Future that may or may not happen. It is up to these 6 ladies to accept their future or change it.

I thought the ebook was good and easy to read. I enjoyed reading it.
For a short story, I think it was great. If Kinsella were to write even more, then it wouldn't be called a short story now would it?
I always enjoyed Kinsella's books. and I enjoyed this short story as well.

Thank you Sophie for giving us this free ebook as a Christmas Gift.
Happy Christmas!