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Let It Snow - John Green, Lauren Myracle, Maureen Johnson This is the perfect book to read when you'll cuddled up under your blankets on Christmas. Its just a lovely book filled with short love stories.

I just loved the book. Its such a perfect book for Christmas. Pity I didn't read it on December, since I borrowed it from my cousin. xD

The first story "The Jubilee Express". I love how its sounds like Jolibee (Fast food restaurant in Philippines) This short story by Maureen Johnson was a lovely one. You can tell that Jubilee is a strong girl. I hate be boyfriend/ex boyfriend though, Noah. He's such an asshat. Loved Stuart. He's such a sweety.

The 2nd story, "A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle". 2 guys and a girl, going through the worst story in fifty years, just to see a bunch of cheerleaders and to have hash browns. I think that's a bit extreme. But, if i was bored in the house on Christmas, then maybe. The love between Tobin and the Duke/Angie, best friend love. Oh and thank you JP for introducing the word 'Asshat'. I love how there are random Korean's in this book. The short story was good as well. It was very exciting, all the running and falling in the snow, trying to race to the Waffle House.

The last story, "The Patron Saint of Pigs". Now this title kind of got me confused, Pigs? How did that get into the story. I was secretly hoping that his would be about Jeb from "Jubilee Express" and I was right. Jebs girlfriend/ex girlfriend Addie, they kept saying that everything was about her, well, yea, its a story about her sad breakup with Jeb, what else is it suppose to be about? Lol. I think the pig changed Addie, that it wasn't about her any more, it was about the her bestfriend; Tegans, pig, Gabriel. Addie's angel Mayzei, such a sweet lady she is, she saved the day I tell you, she is such an angel trying to earn her wings. Everything went well in the end. If Addie only gave a bit of hope to herself, but I guess I would feel the same if I was in her situation.

I loved how in the end, most of the main characters throughout the whole book came in. and I loved that Starbucks was included in.
This is a perfect book, as I said before, for Christmas.
I recommend everyone to get it and read it on Christmas or at least on your winter break.