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Mini Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella Minnie is now 2 years old and Becky decides to give her pocket money. Becky also has a surprise party to plan. What mess will she get into now?

It actually took me quite a while to finish this book. Almost a month. The beginning was alright, Minnie is kind of spoiled but then she IS a toddler, and it IS kind of normal. I can relate to Becky in some ways. When I read about her life, it's like I'm reading my future. That's what I like about this book.

But then as I was reading it, I never found it boring, I just found it uninteresting. It wasn't as interesting as the past books of the series.

The ending just shocked me. Becky didn't mention anything about another party! sneaky sneaky! I enjoyed that shocking moment. It just made me excited to know what exactly she was planning for Luke's 'actual' surprise party.
As the party got into detail, I loved the Midsummer Nights Dream theme. The details were great!

I wish Elinor and Luke get back into good terms. I like the control Elinor has over Minnie. There has to always be someone in the family who is strict to the children. I just really wish Elinor and Luke speak to each other again. Elinor really loves Luke, and she's beginning to lighten up and open up. I like Elinor, but then she is too formal.

The Book in Conclusion, it was a good book. The ending was marvelous, that just kind of blew me away.
If you've read the past Shopaholic Books, you must read this one!

I thought this was going to be the last book of the Shopaholic Series, but we have more to look forward to. HOLLYWOOD!!!!