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Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles I absolutely loved this book! I LOVED IT!
It was the kind of books that you can't book down. I love reading books that make me do that. I would just go from page after page.

The books seems like a typical cliche, Bad boy date good perfect girl for a bet. It is a typical cliche, and some say that it's similar to grease. It of it, but I'm not complaining.
Alejandro or Alex, the typical bad boy Latino.Brittany, the typical perfect smart blond. They are paired together as Chemistry partners. Now being partners in something seems pretty new to me. Among all the Contemporary books I've read, I've found this one the best.
As I was reading, I would always have a translator with me for me to understand some of the words, since some are in Spanish. Thanks to this book, I learned new Spanish words.

I loved all the Characters in the book except Colin and Darlene. They're so stuck up and jealous. Hate them. You will always have haters in every book.

This is my first Simone Elkeles and I found it utterly wonderful and fantastic. It is easy to read and it's a book that will suck you in.
I recommend it to everyone who enjoys contemporary romance and something good to just pick up and read.