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Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles I started reading this book on Feb 8th at night, and finished it on Feb 11th morning, so I just took 3 days to read this. AWESOME!

Rules of attraction, the 2nd book of the Perfect Chemistry novel.

I absolutely loved this book. Just like Perfect Chemistry, I couldn't put it down.
Carlos Fuentes is forced to go back to America from Mexico, and stay with his brother, Alex, in Colorado. Alex decides to let him stay with one of the Professors that he knows from university. That's when Kiara comes into the picture. Kiara is the daughter of the Professor that Carlos will be living with, and Kiara has to be a tour guide for Carlos around school. Carlos enjoys annoying her, and Kiara enjoys pay back.

I personally think that Kiara is a good girl who loves challenges, and isn't afraid of anything. She got out of her comfort zone and even though she stutters when she's nervous I admire her. She is a great heroin.
Carlos on the other hand, I just have to say his hot. I love how he runs after Kiara and how he loves her so deeply. aww...

I whole concept was great. I just love a book I cannot put down and I am just grateful no one dies in this book. I love a happy ending. I love this book, I cannot wait to read Chain Reaction after my exams.
I would absolutely recommend this book to those who love romances. Its a perfect YA romance novel.