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Chain Reaction - Simone Elkeles OMG!!! The series is over!! T^T I want more!!

This was an awesome book. It was an awesome series. It's one the series in which I read in less than a month. I love books that I finish fast because I know they are so good and it always has be itching for more.

Luis Fuentes is the youngest Fuentes brother. It is his turn to get his perfect girl. Nikki Cruz is living the American dream, lives on the north-side of Fairfield, and has issues when it comes to boys. But when she meets Luis, everything changes...obviously. it always changes.

The story line of this one is no different from the past two books, which is fine. I don't really mind that its not different, and I'm not complaining. It doesn't get me confused. The leading ladies of the Fuentes brothers always gets them out of trouble and gets them to see and think straight. I love the power their women have over them.

I am happy that everyone gets along in the end, and I am hoping that all the Fuentes brothers kids, don't get into gang trouble when they get older.

I just loved the covers of all the books, except Perfect Chemistry, I think they should have picked a different model to play Alex, or choose a different shot of him maybe. Rules of Attraction cover is awesome, I just loved it. It is like my favorite cover among all the 3. Chain Reaction cover is great. It goes in my number 2 below Rules of attraction. I love how these covers are scenes that happen in the book. I love it.

I love this series. I really really hope they will turn it into a movie. I want to Alex, Carlos, and Luis in the big screen. I WANT A MOVIE OF THIS!

For the record, my favorite Fuentes would probably be Luis. He is both Smart and Sexy; may be similar to Alex, but I like Luis more... Sexy and Smart is always a jackpot. xD