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Shopaholic and Baby   - Sophie Kinsella Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is pregnant. Obviously, note the title, and if you read the book before this, you'll know.
She's pregnant, yes. Dying to know whether its a girl on boy. Dying to have a celebrity as her obstetrician.
She gets her celebrity obstetrician, but what shocks is that, that obstetrician is her husband; Luke, ex girlfriend.
Poor Becky...

I actually finished this book a few days ago, I've been too busy to write a review. Shopaholic and Baby is the 5th book of the Shopaholic Series. I've read Shopaholic and Sister(Book 4 of the Shopaholic Series, in 2009. I think it was in book 4 when the series started to have great impact on me. I shed-ed a tear or two during book 4.

Shopaholic & Baby is just great. In the beginning of the book, I've already started to crack up and I had to stop myself from laughing because everyone was sleeping. I also cried a bit by the ending. It was just too sad. >.< Poor thing, Becky.

I actually thought Luke was really having an affair and is really confused about this relationship with Becky. But No; Thank God!, Luke is such a sweet heart, and is just a very busy man. I wish I would have a husband like him, but less busy.
Becky, as always, exaggerates every single thing she hears and thinks about. I love the way she thinks though, it always inspires me in some ways. I am slowly turning in to a shopaholic.

Conclusion, I loved that book. Its such a good book for those who love life and love shopping. <3