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Sleeping Arrangements - Madeleine Wickham Sleeping Arrangements is one of Sophie Kinsella's old books that she has written as Madeleine Wickham. I have read only one Madeleine Wickham book, Cocktails for Three, and I thought it was a very simple book, it wasn't one of my favourites but it was good.

I am currently on vacation so I thought reading Sleeping Arrangements would be great since the book was set as a vacation type of book.

2 families, 1 villa. The Drama. Well not much of drama. Just tension between Hugh and Chloe.
Hugh and Chloe used to sleep together for months. Chloe has a son with another man, and since she was sleeping with Hugh, Chloe decided to let Hugh meet her son Sam. Hugh got freaked out and ran away. Afraid of commitment.

15 years have passed, and they both lived different lives, with different families. Their old friend Gerard offered them his villa in Spain for a weekend. What was suppose to be different weekend, Both families were double booked on the same day, and were forced stay at the villa, and try to cope with each other.

I found this a very original stand alone short story. 2 families who has their own problems but in the end they are all connected in some way.
I think it was very random for some reason.

When Hugh and Chloe slept together. I thought Hugh was acting very stupid & very reckless. I wasn't his biggest fan.

I felt so sorry for Philip and Amanda. They were both so clueless. They will never know what happened between Hugh and Chloe.

It took me a while to finish this book. I just didn't feel like reading, at all. But I found the book very interesting. There are some parts where I couldn't put it down at some pages.

Sleeping arrangements was a good book. Great reading when on vacation if you miss the drama from home.
My second Madeleine Wickham book & I'm looking forward to the rest of her books.