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Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy, and Commitment - Steve Harvey I was very excited to start this book, and to know what the book will tell and teach me. I started this book while I was traveling and I found it very intriguing to read. Plus it was an easy read. It opened my eyes to actually how men think about relationships.

Throughout the whole book I was thinking about the 2 couples that are always around me. My parents and my sister and her boyfriend. As I was reading, I was thinking of how these 2 men act towards their woman, and I found that only 1 of them (who was my father) did exactly (well no exactly) what the book said.

I am so happy that a man has finally written a book like this. This book actually makes us girls realize that we are stupid when it comes to men sometimes. We need to know how they think because we're looking for and are striving for THE ONE, not someone who plays around with us.

I love how the book is so informative, it gives every detail about most types of relationships, and emphasizes on the 3 things that a real man would do in a relationship, "profess, protect, provide".

The questions and the answers in the book were very useful. It opened my eyes to many things, and it actually teaches women how to date, and what to expect when on a date. I was nodding and going "uhuh" throughout the whole book.

How the book was written is funny, the dialogue was great. Harvey's advice about men is great, useful and very effective. I would definitely read his other self help books.
This is the book I would totally recommended to every female because it will not only help them with men and relationships, but also help them understand a man.
Thank you so much Steve Harvey for writing this fantastic book of how men think in relationships. Thank you!!