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I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It - Adam Selzer I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked it. I laughed when I first saw this at the bookstore. I just had to get it. I knew it was going to have a weird story line and all, with a teenage girl dating a zombie. I bet we all wondered how that'll turn out. It had me thinking how it would be like. So, I had to get it.

I started this book a few days back, and I am happy that I finished it quick, because I wanted a small quick read before my exams starts. It being only 200 pages makes it a plus one for readers to pick it up.
The cover explains the title, obviously. But I still find it gross. As I went to buy the book, I asked myself "Why would I kiss a zombie? Its just gross, wont they bite my head off?"

The book seemed like a typical YA paranormal book, but instead of the leading man being a werewolf, vampire, or wizard/warlock, he is a zombie. I did not understand how it would be possible when I started reading it, but it was possible. Selzer made it very clear how the Zombies can act as humans if they drink a certain fluid. The book explained everything about how it all works in that world of paranormals living among humans.

The main character, Algonquin, "Alley", seemed like a woman who can stand up for herself, much like the other main characters in other YA Paranormal books. She seems to be the 'Man' in the relationship between her zombie boyfriend. I'm sure it makes sense because he is a living corpse who is falling apart, he needs to be careful since as stated in the book that everything hurts for him.

The Zombie, Doug, Alley/Gonq/Quin's leading man, her post-human boyfriend. When he was first described, I right on there knew that he was a zombie, I cannot believe that Alley did not figure it out from the start. I find that completely stupid, it just so obvious that he was a zombie.

I cannot believe that Alley would actually consider turning into a zombie or a vampire just to be with Doug. It seems very "Twilight-like". She should date him for more than a year or at least 6 month before she considers turning into an undead being. But at least she thought of it.

The ending, well, Doug kind of had it coming. I mean he is a zombie and zombies can't live forever. I enjoyed how the 2 vampires Fred and Will were fighting along side him. It was something very knew seeing vampires fight along side a zombie to fight off other evil zombies.

It was an average book, that I would recommend reading for an easy fast read. This was my first paranormal book written by a man writing in a woman's perspective, and I praise him for it, Adam Selzer did a pretty good job with this book.