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The Vampire Dimitri (The Regency Draculia) - Colleen Gleason Vampire Dimitri, the second edition to A Book of the Regency Draculia.
I took so long with this book. It felt like ages.

Even though it's a really good book, i really enjoyed reading it, but I don't have the drive to actually read it for some reason.

I have to be honest, that I skipped some parts that repeated itself from Vampire Voss, and the parts with Chas and Narcise. I'm sorry, I'm just not very fond of them both.

I love how Dimitri and Maia's love is similar to Beauty and the Beast. So romantic !

The ending was good. I didn't expect those certain events to occur. I thought Alexander would find another person he loves, then him and Maia will have to not get married. But Noo... He had to turn because he is stupid. I never really liked Alexander.

The book all in all was great. I would recommend it to those who love reading historical romance and paranormal books.
Even though I won't be reading Vampire Narcise.