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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally Jordan Woods is one of the boys. She's the star quarterback of the football team of her high school, plus she's the captain of the team. Most of the girls in her school think she's a tomboy, a dyke. They think that she slept with her whole team. But she never took those things into account. She was strong and didn't care about anything but play ball.

Catching Jordan, another fabulous love story that I could not put down. This book tells us that if you want something badly enough, you go ahead and fight for it. It also tell us that men can be such boneheads and idiots most of the time.

When I first picked up the book, read the summary and looked at the cover, I thought "Oh that must be Ty with Jordan". Uhuh, what I wrong or what. I loved the cover, it give the entire subject and theme of the book. I absolutely loved book covers like that.

I have to admit that I don't know football that much. The terminology that they use when playing, I was at a total loss.

The way the book was written was great. It was a very easy read, which I absolutely loved. I loved the fact that what Jordan was going through can be relatable. I mean, I can some what relate to it in someways, and I think that others can relate to it as well in their own ways.

I was surprised that the book was meant to be for YA readers above 13 with all that hooking up it in, or mentioning of hooking up. It seems inappropriate for them at that age. I think it's meant for readers above 15 at least.

Overall, I absolutely loved the book. And I totally recommend it to all YA readers who are at least above 15. Its a fantabulous book that all ladies will love, if they crave for something sweet.