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Dream Magic: Awakenings - Dawn Harshaw This book is said to seem some what like Harry Potter in different ways. That's what motivated me to read this book.

Dream Magic: Awakenings. The book title speaks for itself. It's a book about Magic in your dreams, and Eric; the boy the book revolves around, is a young boy who fights nightmares and learns magic in his dreams. Well, that's how I see and understand it.

This story line was original. But it did seem like some of the books that I've read in the past.

The way the book was written was great, the flow was there. Even though it sometimes just cuts from one scene to another. But you can tell that the flow is there.

One of the only things that was missing was some scenes from Erics real life, not his dream life. Because as I was reading it, I tend to forget that Eric is actually dreaming. I think some more insight on Erics real life would be another good edition to the book.

I was quite surprised at the ending. It was very brutal in a way, and there was a lot of torture and pulling out of body parts. That is what I absolutely did not expect. That chapter in the book just blew me off my bed. It certainly was a nightmare.

The book cover, seems very cute in my opinion. Since it's a YA book it's appropriate. I'm guessing the heart in the middle symbolizes what Eric experienced in the end of the book. I always love book covers that are related to the books content.

Over all, Dream Magic: Awakening was a great book. I think Dawn Harshaw did a great job in writing it, even though there maybe some little loose screws here and there. The book was fabulous.

I absolutely recommend it to those readers who love reading YA adventures, who loved the Harry Potter books and who love to dream.