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Fifty Shades of Grey  - E.L. James This book was the talk of the book-universe. Some said it was terrible and some says it was just amazing. I was curious in the book and I wanted to read it.

Fifty shades of grey is an erotic adult book that is only for those eyes above 18 years. It tells a story about a freshly graduated Anastasia Steele and a rich sexy businessman Christian Grey. It speaks of how love at first sight, or in this case, LUST at first sight happens.

This book was very absorbing. It was the kind of books that I read, chick-flicks that some of us can relate to. It was also entertaining because of the people that surround Ana, like Kate, Elliot, José and of course Christian and his butler/driver/everything Taylor.

I kind of counted the number of times Christian and Ana did it, and I think I went up to 10 – 12 times. I’m shocked by the amount of sex that’s in this, and it’s very detailed as well. I’ve haven’t read anything that erotic in my life.

The way the book was written were alright, as I said the book was absorbing. But there were some words that were redundant in my opinion. They were used the amount of times that makes you wonder, “didn’t she say that already?”.

There are some certain words that I think Ana shouldn’t say at certain times. Like “Oh my”, especially that “Oh my”. Her inner goddess is funny, she amuses me with her comments.

Christian IS fifty shades of fucked up, he really is. He has some issues that HE himself needs to deal with.

There wasn’t much BDSM than I expected. I didn’t like the BDSM even if there wasn’t much. It was still there. I didn’t like it. It made my make a face that has fear and disgust all in one.

I also didn’t expect the book to end that way, but I did expect Ana to run away at some point.

To conclude this long-ass review, the book was okay, I did find it nice and unputdownable but I also did find it frightening, shocking, and repelling.

I recommend this book to those above 18 years of age ONLY!