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The Burning Bush (Habitat, #2) - Kenya Wright The Burning Bush is the second edition to the Habitat series. It is about a new world where humans forced supernaturals to live in cages cities. This book continues the story of what happens to the protagonist Lanore Vesta. Lanore is a mixie that has a sight for equality between mixies and purebloods. With blowing up the vamp blood factory and a habbie detective that is blackmailing her solve the murder cases for him running after her, Lanore has a lot on her plate.

I read the first book and I loved it. The ending made me what to come back for more. I was lucky enough to finish the first book so close to the release date of the second.

I personally found The Burning Bush vastly intriguing and absorbing, plus it was an easy read. The enjoyed the plot much more than the first book, I’m guessing because I’ve grown to know more about the characters and I’ve grown attached to them in ways that I can’t explain.

Cassie was introduced into the book as Zulu’s sister. I absolutely adored her and she admired Lanore, which I thought was cute but kind of annoying. I grew attached to her throughout the book. I admit tears were shed when her death arrived.

As for the conclusion of the book, I only thought they would have a huge fight with the antagonist Dante, and he would die in the ending. But what actually happened was unanticipated, and undeniably unexpected, I was so shocked that my jaw fell open and stayed open until the last page. More tears were shed during the undetermined death of the hot and sexy Were-cheetah MeShack. The book ended with such a huge cliffhanger that will absolutely make you come back crawling for more.

The Burning Bush is marvelous second edition to the Habitat series. I will definitely recommend this to everyone I know who enjoys reading paranormal books. I am positively looking forward to the third edition. I do hope it comes out soon!