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The Gatecrasher - Madeleine Wickham This book has been on my to-be-read pile for quite a while now, and I'm extremely happy to get it off. I have no idea why I took so long to finish this, a week back, I had enough time to read, but I completely ignored that I had a book waiting.

On to the review. I have read multiple Sophie Kinsella books but only two of her books writing as Madeleine Wickham, and I enjoyed those two books as I enjoyed this one.

The Gatecrasher is about a woman who goes to funerals to hunt for rich men. So basically she's a gold digger. Now this is something new, going to funerals to hunt for rich and lavish men.

I really enjoyed this book, it was funny, witty and engrossing. I don't know why but these kind of books always seem to engross me.

The overall plot and story line seemed like a typical chick-lit, but it has it's own little twist to it. The details were clear and sufficient. It wasn't too much nor was it too little.

When I got towards the ending, I was very doubtful of what was going to happen. I predicted that the protagonist will marry the guy she sought out in the beginning of the book, and that she'll tell him the truth and they'll have this big argument but in the end they'll get together and have a happy ending.
I didn't really expect the book to end the way it did. I found it a bit lacking, but my emotions tell me that it was a sufficient ending. To tell you the truth, I ended the book with a smile. :D

I am extremely happy that Sophie Kinsella rereleased her old books when she wrote as Madeleine Wickham. I has become my goal to read all the books she's ever written. Talk about favorite author.