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House of Cards - Ilana Waters Sherry is an 18 year woman who recently resided in Paris and happened to get kidnapped by a group of vampires who decide to hold her hostage because she has the ability of telling the vampire's fortunes through tarot cards.

To me, at first, I found House of Cards like a typical YA Paranormal Romance novel. Girl falls for paranormal guy, there is a conflict but they end up together anyway. Or the other way around. I can say that it does in a way resemble a typical YA paranormal romance, but it has its own fling to it.

It has an interesting and original dialogue. But it's something that you wouldn't expect from a coven of vampres; whom half of them seemed to have lost their humanity. This book is filled with surprises.

I really like what Sherry thinks of Lucas, its hilarious, she made the book a lot more enjoyable to read. Plus it's accurate to what an 18 year old would think if she was living with a smexy vampire! xD

These days, you'd think most vampires in books have gained their humanity and are soft and passionate. But these vamps are intense, they somewhat reflect the description of vampires in the old books. They really don't care of human life, they kill and/or feed on whomever they please, and play with them before and/or after they feed on them. Most of the vampires in this book is sick. Warning: slight sexual harassment

The Master, oh this character is a real mystery. I cannot figure him out. What's his real name? Who was he? Why is everyone scared of him?

In conclusion, I found House of Cards an enjoyable short easy read, that is funny and filled with surprises. If you enjoy reading YA paranormal romance novels, this is definitely the book for you!