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Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Fifty Shades Darker, the second edition to the Fifty Shades series by E.L James. Christian scared Ana off with his intense BDSM ways...how are they both dealing with it?

This book was more of my scene than the first book. The first book was just too intense, eye widening, and cringe worthy for me.

In this book we see more of the Fifty Shades of Christian and how he transforms from on mood to another, and how Ana reacts to them. Oh and lets not forget his impulsive spending.

There is a lot more fluff in this book than the first book for sure, it's a lot more heart warming for me. There are new characters that come in, and of course Fifty being Fifty, wants to protect what's his and not share.

I enjoyed this a lot more than the first book, it was annoying, frustrating and heart warming, and I'm looking forward to reading the last book soon.

I totally recommend this to every woman out there! Y'all should totally pick this up!