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When Beauty Tamed the Beast - James Griffin, Eloisa James When Beauty Tamed the Beast, a novela based on the classics by Gabriella Villeneuve's Beauty and the Beast. Its tells a story of how a Beauty, like Miss Linnet Thrynne falls in love with a Beast; Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant. It tells a story of how their love grew from infuriating each other to the bones and the sexual tension that floats in the air between them.

I really really really enjoyed this book, it made me laugh, made my eyes go wide, made me gasp, and made me tear up a little bit towards the end.

Linnet is a great character, very strong and confident in whatever she does. That's probably because her beauty gave her most of the confidence she needed. She knew what she wanted and she would get what she wanted. She was determined to gain Pier's love and finally make him commit into marrying her.

Piers is a sarcastic arrogant bastard. But a sexy one at that. I expected the beast to just be extremely rude with anger management problems, that he is but what else came with that temper and rude mouth was something I didn't expect. He was a cripple, but was a strong determined one I could say that. This had a great impact on the entire storyline.

Every romantic story starts out so well, and it gets even better in the middle, but there always seems to be something bad that will happen towards the near conclusion of the book that gives the reader a great bang and relief when they finish the book.

There is always a point whenever I would pick up books like these, when I would fall asleep reading and when I wake up the next morning, it is the first thing I think about and can't fight the urge to pick it up and continue where I left off.

In conclusion, this book got me sitting on my bed for more than an hour, just reading and doing nothing else, which I've missed for so long. This is a great book that I definitely think anyone with a great interest in romance with a small bit of humor in it.

If you enjoy reading your favorite fairly tales but want something a little bit more, than I completely recommend this fairy tale series.