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The White Princess (The Cousins' War,  #5) - Philippa Gregory My prediction for my feelings towards this book was half right. It is not my favorite of the series.

The White Princess revolves around Elizabeth of York after the death of her lover; Richard III, to the enemy; Henry VII at the Battle of Bosworth, and basically continues the story of the lost Princes's in the tower.

As much as I enjoyed the first 4 books of the series; this is plus the Red Queen, which was so good that I hated the main character. But for the White Princess, I just found Elizabeth annoying.

The book did start off very smooth but a little bit depressing in my opinion. I was disgusted from the very beginning when I found out about Elizabeth of York and her uncle/lover Richard III, and I wasn't looking forward to reading all about how much she was in love with him. Every time she mentions her lover, I get disgusted as well as feel sorry for her. She was tricked into falling in love with her uncle just so he could trick the people into staying on his side rather than his enemy's; Henry VII. I am just very grateful there wasn't much detail on the two lovers's time together.

As I listened on through the book (since I listened to the audiobook), I grew to actually like Henry VII. He was sweet to Elizabeth of York. But he was brainwashed by his devious mother; Margaret Beaufort, a little bit too much. I never liked his mother. Not now. Not ever.

Unlike the past books of the series; where the women would dictate through their husbands, Elizabeth of York didn't seem to have much influence over her husband. When it came to very serious matters I assume that the heroins of the past books would have way more influence over Henry VII than Elizabeth, regardless of the love they have for each other. Hence, I got depressed with every bad and stupid decision Henry VII makes through out the book.

The book went on, and then I got bored. I really enjoyed the past books, but this one didn't match up to my hopes of liking it. I am disappointed.

Though I recommend this series to those who enjoy reading about the medieval times of debating war and capturing pretenders, with a pinch of love. :)

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